Join us at the Main Stage and enjoy a variety of family-friendly entertainment!
Litterati - A Litter Force Experience with Jeff Kirschner
Discover how Jeff Kirschner started the Literati movement using phone technology and Instagram, and how it’s helping create a litter free planet.

Bash the Trash Show & Plano Litter Cheer Squad

Using the science of sound and instruments created from recycled materials, Trash-Basher extraordinaire Matt Holman will entertain you with his “Recycling Remix” performance.



Plano Litter Cheer Squad

Get your community pride and spirit razzed up with this rousing pep rally celebrating a clean and litter-free Plano!

Vocal Trash in Concert   

Described as Glee meets Stomp, this green-minded ensemble will delight you with their fun song and dance routines.

Birds of Prey Blackland Prairie Raptor Show
Raptors patrol day and night in search of a meal. How do they do it? Discover their unique adaptations in this interesting presentation.

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