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Click the images below for the list of plants at each location. As a reminder, these are private residences and their yards are not regularly open to the public.

Perry Residence
Click the image above to view the Perry residence plant list.  

"Less grass means less maintenance" was the driving force behind this homeowner's landscape. Features full sun plants and a wonderful habitat for all kinds of wildlife.

Strain Residence
Click the image above to view the Strain residence plant list.  

This landscape has the largest display of drought-tolerant, native and adaptive plants of all the tour locations. Landscape features sun-loving plants, as well as partial shade plants. No irrigation is used at this landscape. 

Maxwell Residence
Click the image above to view the Maxwell residence plant list.  

New to the tour! Water-wise garden features drought-tolerant, native plants in front yard beds to reduce turf.

Environmental Education Center
Click the image above to view the EEC plant list.  

Established in 2012, this garden showcases native and well-adapted plants for the North Texas area, which are both heat and drought tolerant. Over 60 different plant and tree varieties are on display.

Dubberly Residence
Click the image above to view the Dubberly residence plant list.  

New to the tour! This landscape transitioned from a sunny garden to a full shade front yard and partial shade backyard. Features a diverse palette of drought-tolerant plants.

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