9:30am – 12:30pm 

Family Fun

Stick around for engaging kid’s activities and entertainment featuring:


Learn about advanced home energy retrofits, solar home installation, fixing indoor water leaks and more! 

Ask the Experts

Speak with local vendors to discover easy changes you can make to save energy and water at home.  

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9:30 - 10:15am

Energy comes in many different forms and it is up to us to harness it for work. Your students will ZIP as they learn to use potential and 
kinetic energy. Next, we will ZAP your students with demonstrations on electricity, magnetism & circuits. Finally, your students will ZOOM through discovery as they explore Newton's Third Law of Motion.
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10:30 - 11:15am

Be an EcoHero! Mr. Eco believes that monumental changes begin with the youngest members of society. Mr. Eco has combined his passion for sustainability, wildlife conservation and hip-hop to create an environmental rap superhero that uses music to empower children to become activists called #EcoHeroes. He uses a blend of "edutainment" to teach youth that their local actions impact ecosystems and wildlife globally.

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11:30am - 12:30pm

With the help of a 6-foot-tall live-action mascot named Otis the Otter, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) is recruiting students to help in its fight to save water. Children can become "Water Spotters" by playing a game and learning a song teaching them to "Save Water4Otter."

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